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core xy 3d model made with 123D Design
shin eun seok

core xy

shin eun seok

PLASTIC BOTTLE-A 3d model made with 123D Design
amy wong 226


amy wong 226

chair5 3d model made with 123D Design



Cannon 3d model made with 123D Design



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PC system requirements
  • Windows 7 and up (32-bit or 64-bit); which version do I have?
  • Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® 64 or later with 2 GHz+ processor; or compatible
  • 2+ GB RAM (1.5 GB minimum)
  • 1.5+ GB free disk space (for installation)
  • Direct3D® 9 or 10 graphics support with 64+ MB

Mac system requirements
  • Apple® Mac OS® X, version 10.7+ with 64-bit Intel processor
  • Apple® Mac® Pro 4.1+, 5.1+ (MacBook Pro 6.1+ recommended); iMac® 8.1+ (iMac 11.1+ recommended)
  • 3 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • 2.5 GB free disk space for download and installation (3 GB recommended)
  • 1280×800 display with true color (1600×1200 with true color recommended)
  • All Mac OS X supported operating system languages

123D Design update history

Find the entire 123D Design release history here. Click an update from the list below to get more info:

v.2.1 / May 23, 2016
  • If you click on a spline, you can now see and edit points and beziers.
  • Added Autosave functionality.
  • You can now create and save a screenshot of your design.
  • If you select a planar face of an object and use Drop option, the model drops to grid on that particular face.
  • We added a shortcut that moves any object to center of grid.
  • Added option for Select All.
  • We moved most options into a Preferences dialog that you can access from Help drop down.
  • Some of the options that are accesible from Preferences are: time for displaying menus on screen, autosave intervals, grid settings, tooltips display, update notifications, data collection option and localization.
  • Design is now localized into Japanese, Spanish and Turkish! You can get that option in the Preferences dialog.
  • Slicing solids can now also select a face of the solid to be slices as slicing plane.
  • Help document can be printed and saved.
  • Default path for open/save is set to document folder.
  • Default grid size is 36x36cm.
  • Minimum resolution lowered so it can work on MacBook Air and low resolution settings in general.
  • Signing in is now persistent.
  • Saved units and grid size remembered across sessions.
  • Help menu appears on click.
  • General bug fixing.
v.2.0 / February 12, 2016
  • Open DWG and DXF! You can now open dwg files, use 3D models in them and also use any linework as a sketch.
  • Save DWG and DXF.
  • Local creation of DWG profiles. You can now export anything intersecting with the grid as a DWG 2D file. You can also choose faces and create 2D DWG.
  • Angular Snap. By popular demand, you can now define the increment on the angles too!
  • Menus stay longer on the screen. We’ve heard some accessibility issues with the speed at which menus disappear. We added some extra time.
  • Enhanced support for sending 3D prints to Service Bureaus (Shapeways, imaterialise, Sculpteo and 3D Hubs).
  • Toggle in NavBar for dragging and snapping. No need to press shift while dragging for cruising and snapping. Just toggle it on NavBar and use your preferred method.
  • Support for high resolution screens, especially Surface Pro 3 and 4.
  • Silent install (for Windows)
v.1.8 / November 5, 2015
  • Bug fixes
v.1.7 / September 22, 2015
  • Reimagined Align and Scale tools.
  • Export SVG, which saves an SVG file with whatever is intersecting the grid.
  • Convert meshes into solids.
v.1.6 (Windows only) / November 20, 2014
  • Ruler feature. Use the ruler for measuring objects, checking absolute and relative coordinates and edit distances between objects and origin.
  • Export as SAT/STEP for premium users.
  • STL tessellation settings (fine/coarse/medium) options while Export as STL.
  • Object Selection Dimension info.
  • Native Open, Save, Onboarding & Save dialog.
  • Few bug fixes.
v.1.5 / June 23, 2014
  • Text command to support the Offline Text creation.
  • Edit, explode and extrude text.
  • Export or Save a selection as an STL or 123DX file.
  • One button push of a selection into Meshmixer, 123D Make and 3D printing.
  • New keyboard shortcuts supported.
  • Bug fixes
v.1.4 / April 21, 2014
  • A new UI introduces similar look and feel with other products from the 123D family, like Tinkercad.
  • Easier access to all of your models and projects, regardless of the app you made them in. MyProjects provides access to models created in 123D Catch, 123D Make and 123D Creature.
  • Support for opening, inserting, and saving meshes in STL and OBJ formats.
  • Perform Combine, Subtract and Intersect operations between meshes and solids.
  • New option for combining objects on STL export in order to support printers that read first body only.
  • Import SVG files and use them as sketches or as simple extrusions.
  • Drop selected objects to the grid with a simple key (F10).
  • Added option for hiding grid.
  • New toggle for enabling or disabling implicit grouping when snapping between parts.
  • New option for defining snapping increments for different operations.
  • 3D Print now sends model to Meshmixer for processing before 3D printing.
  • Premium members can now download unlimited models from 123D Content Library.
  • Free members can now download up to 10 models a month.
  • A brand new car! (Just kidding)
  • Stability fixes on Copy-Paste.
  • Performance and stability bug fixes.
  • Support for 3dconnexion devices.
  • Shortcut Keys on F1.
  • Feedback Survey directly in app under Help.
  • Also includes updates for 123D Premium members, and bug fixes.
v.1.3 / May 16, 2013
  • The new Autodesk 3D Print Utility is now available from the “3D Print” menu item inside 123D Design.
  • Use the 3D Print Utility to optimize a 3D model for printing
    • hollow the model to save print time and material
    • position the model to minimize the support material required (and see a preview of the support material!)
    • and use adaptive thickening to adjust details that are otherwise too small to print.
  • Also includes updates for 123D Premium members, and bug fixes.

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